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Rhino in Spring 1.3 was released, upgrading the bundled Rhino to the latest released version, 1.7R2. For the full list of changes see the changelog.

Work is ongoing on the version 2.0 which will focus on support for CommonJS.

Rhino in Spring

What is it?

Rhino in Spring is a project that intends to integrate Mozilla Rhino JavaScript interpreter, the interpreter for the best (in our opinion) dynamic language on the Java platform with Spring Framework, the also best (again, in our opinion) enterprise framework on the Java platform. The aim is to provide a system that amalgamates the rapid development benefits and flexibility of a dynamic language with the strength, scalability and versatility of the Java platform and the Spring framework.

Rhino-in-Spring 1.3 can be used with Rhino version 1.7R2 or above, as well as with all 2.0 or higher Spring Framework versions (including all 2.1 and 2.5 series).

At the moment, the project delivers a controller component for Spring MVC that allows complex control flows spanning several webpages in web applications to be expressed as a single structured algorithm in JavaScript, putting the rich set of control flow structures and function reusability of a full-blown language at your fingertips. It transparently maps the user's requests to the correct points of execution in your JavaScript code, even as the user freely navigates your website using the browser's back button or even "File-New Window" functionality!
A flexible set of state persistence options (including one where all state management is shifted to the browser, for maximum server scalability, with full cryptographic support for prevention of tampering) is included.
See the component's page for information about getting started with it.

The long-term goal is to exploit further opportunities for integration of JavaScript into Spring and related technologies, whatever they might be.

Volunteers welcome for all aspects of the project.

Available components

JavaScript Web Flow for Spring


You can download Rhino in Spring from SourceForge.


Rhino in Spring is Open Source Software, distributed under the terms of Apache License, version 2.0.

Who we are

Rhino in Spring project was founded by Attila Szegedi.

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